Cryo Storage

Cryostorage, partner UZ Brussel and Prof.dr. Bart Neyns

Our priority today is your health tomorrow

As a result of decisions taken by the FAMHP (Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products) and the CAT / EMA (Committee for Advanced Therapies of the European Medicines Agency), Prof. dr. Dr Bart Neyns will be able to set up various clinical trials with cell products for oncological applications. within UZ Brussel.

CryoStorage aims to be a supportive and stimulating partner in developing medical activities around autologous cell products within UZ Brussel and the oncology applications in particular, as developed by Prof. dr. Dr. Bart Neyns (Head of Division Medical Oncology, Oncology Center UZ Brussel).

Within the framework of this collaboration, CryoStorage has the clear ambition - in the long term and obviously in accordance with Belgian law - to develop a private initiative aimed at collecting and cryopreserving specific white blood cells. CryoStorage will not pursue its own commercial business objectives without prior approval from both Prof. dr. Dr. Bart Neyns and the management of UZ Brussel.