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  CryoStorage was founded in December 2010, based upon the conviction of the founders that autologous cell therapy will become the basis of modern medicine. Autologous cell therapy is expected to improve the quality of life and life expectancy in the treatment of malignant cancer, degenerative diseases (such as Parkinson's, heart failure...), and the consequences of trauma (such as spinal cord injury...).

CryoStorage is one of the lifeworks of the multifaceted Flemish entrepreneur Ignace De Paepe, who wishes to profile himself as a private pioneer in isolating, processing, cryopreserving (storing) and distributing specific autologous cell products (= isolated unprocessed cells from peripheral blood) as well as autologous cell therapy products (= isolated processed cells from peripheral blood).

In a first phase CryoStorage will focus on cell products used for cancer treatment. CryoStorage is a proud partner of UZ Brussel and has received permission to run preclinical and clinical trials under the direction and supervision of Prof. dr. Dr. Bart Neyns. CryoStorage also maintains contacts with other Belgian and foreign academic institutions as well as with private companies active in immunotherapy.


The management team of CryoStorage consists of the multifaceted entrepreneur Ignace De Paepe and his co-founder Robert (Bob) Broothaerts.

A collaboration was set up with Prof. dr. Bart Neyns, Head of Division, dept. of Medical Oncology, Oncology Center, Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussels (UZ Brussel) and Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Prof. dr. Bart Neyns is a leading Belgian clinical scientist who is regarded a leading authority on cancer immunotherapy. For more than 15 years, he has been running successful clinical trials into innovative dendritic cell therapy for cancer.

CryoStorage will act as a partner in a new clinical trial by Prof. dr. Bart Neyns on the use of autologous "natural dendritic cells". The trial was started in 2017 at UZ Brussel. Details about this new trial will be communicated via our "Newsletters".



Scientific committee
Consists of doctors, scientists and legal counsellors with an undisputed reputation. The committee is responsible for checking the medical, deontological and ethical codes of the CryoStorage activities.

Strategic committee
Consists of international service and advisory offices.

Audit, Nomination & Remuneration Committee
Consists of board members, assisted by international service and advisory offices.


Social responsability

The scientific research into human cell material has been a focus of Ignace De Paepe for many years. As the founding father of both 'MG Real Estate' and 'CryoStorage', he pursues idealistic aspects but aims to realize additional revenues as well.

For this purpose, he founded "The CryoStorage Foundation". This will be a private foundation under Belgian law with the aim to support:
- On the one hand, academic research programs on the treatment of cancer, using autologous cell therapy;
- On the other hand, cryopreserving (freezing and storing at -192 ° C) autologous cells of patients that have been diagnosed with cancer and for whom there are sufficient arguments to store these cells in order to be administered as a treatment at a later stage. This is also applicable for persons /patients who are eligible for advanced cell therapy treatment.



Each one of us has his own unpredictable risk profile for obtaining a life-threatening hereditary or non-hereditary disorder.

By using autologous cell therapy products, a very large number of diseases can already be treated, in particular malignant cancers, anaemia, hereditary metabolic diseases and immune deficiency disorders.

CryoStorage aims to develop, optimise and commercialize regenerative autologous (where you are both donor and recipient) cell products.